José Manuel Pereira Ferro Camacho

Degree: Ph.D.
Scientific Area: Gestão
Affiliation: UE-IADE
Category: Professor Auxiliar
ORCID: 0000-0002-9365-1464
Awards: 2010 IADE performance prize
Research Interests: Business Innovation and Industrial Dynamics, Impact of Creative Industries, Design Value and Management Models

José Ferro Camacho (1958), born in Beja, Portugal, holds a PhD in Management (ISCTE-IUL, 2008), a Master in Management and Industrial Strategy (ISEG-UL, 1997) and a five years diploma in Mechanical Engineering (IST-UL, 1982). Additionally, he performed a one-year postgraduate studies in Management of Science and Technology Management (INA, 1993/94) and another two years in Design and Production Assisted by Computer (IST). At IADE, he was the Coordinator of the degree in Marketing and Advertising since 2009 till 2018 and researcher at UNIDCOM/IADE. Formerly, he was member elected of the Scientific Council (2008_16), he was President of the Pedagogical Council (2009_14) and leader of IADE strategic reflexion team for the EUA – European University Association. He is directly responsible for the courses of “Incorporating Design in the Economic Activity” (PhD), “Integrated Design Management” and “Business Information Systems”(Masters), “Entrepreneurship” and “Corporate Administration” (Degree) and author of publications in scientific, business and opinion domains . Previously, he held management positions at INTELI-Intelligence in Innovation, at Novodesign, at IST/Lemac and at Sorefame/ABB.

A few examples, among many others, of research work and activities at:
- Sorefame: responsible for the development and implementing of advanced features for nonlinear structural analysis (including nonlinear buckling) for SAP – Integrated Software for Structural Analysis and Design (Computers and Structures, Inc., California); responsible for the hydraulic and aerodynamic tests and analysis of scaled prototypes; etc.

- IST / Lemac: responsible in Portugal for managing the CONSENS - Concurrent/Simultaneous Engineering (CSE) Esprit III, linking innovation with growth, advances in design and manufacturing, a flagship EU research project led by the Fraunhofer Institute and including Siemens-Nixdorf, DASA (Deutsche Aerospace Agency – Messerschmitt), AEG / Temic, Olivetti, and CRIF Mechanical Engineering; several research project with Portuguese companies;

- Novodesign: responsible at company’s level for the projects VISINET - 3D Visualisation over Broadband Networks and MAID - Multimedia Assets for Industrial Design; responsible for Novodesign participation in the RNPR – Rede Nacional de Prototipagem Rápida, first time investment in Portugal in prototyping equipment for research and services, including Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Metal Deposition Systems, Laminated Objects Manufacturing, etc;

- INTELI - Intelligence in Innovation: TRIO - Traffic Information Observatory; CASES – Compare Change in Automotive Suppliers Environments – INAUTO; Autointeriores – Caracterização de Estratégias de Criação de Oportunidades e Promoção de Inovação; P3 – Study for the identification and exploration of opportunities for foreigner direct investment in city cars, including hybrid vehicles, with Pininfarina, Pennsylvania State University and MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; development and implementation of CEIIA - Centre of Engineering and Product Development, etc.



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  • Magdalen Plonka, Implementing CSR in the Fashion Industry: Measuring the Designer's Perception and Commitment, PhD in Design, (final doc. April 2018, awaiting for final public examination)
  • Ricardo Santos, Why Design matters? Making the Case for the Smaller Companies in the Automotive Industry, 2018, PhD in Design