Yannara Negre

Degree: Master student
Scientific Area: Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia
Affiliation: Unidcom | IADE
Category:  Scholarship holder, scholar, intern
ORCID: 0000-0003-0523-4810
Languages: Portuguese (native), English, Spanish, French
Research Interests: 
metaverse, gamification, education trends, phygital strategies, serious games, games, cyberculture

Yannara Negre Marques holds a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema and Video from UNESPAR (Curitiba-PR/Brazil) since 2014, post-graduated in Art Direction from UNIARA since 2016. Also completed two courses at CFP del SICA (Buenos Aires/Argentina) and received training in the Arts, Media and Multimedia sector at the Library of Alexandria (Egypt). In Brazil she worked as a graphic designer, advertising and marketing assistant, social media and video maker, and presented studies at the National Symposium on Cyberculture (ABCiber) and was a congresswoman and member of INTERCOM – Brazilian Congress of Communication Sciences. She is currently attending the Master in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication at IADE (Lisbon, Portugal) since 2021 and working as a researcher on the project “Design and Game-Approaches for Entrepreneurship” at the Research Unit in Design and Communication, UNIDCOM / IADE.