UNIDCOM/IADE, established in 2000, was accredited by the FCT in 2003 in the area of Arts and Humanities. It is a research unit based at IADE – Universidade Europeia and managed by the non-profit association EUROPEIA ID.

The UNIDCOM team currently comprises 114 researchers, 45 integrated members and 69 collaborative members, 44 (38,6%) of whom are enrolled in PhD programmes. The researchers are from a variety of scientific areas (i.e., Design, Architecture, Engineering, Marketing, Communication Sciences, History of Art, Philosophy, Psychology, etc., reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the UNIDCOM project.

UNIDCOM is a research unit committed to promoting and developing Design Research in a multi, inter, and transdisciplinary manner, ranging from fundamental theoretical issues to their practical application, diverse in their concerns and impact. Scientific independence, Equity, Diversity, Relevance and Recognition are the keywords driving UNIDCOM activities.

UNIDCOM is run by a Scientific Board, chaired by its Scientific Coordinator; an Executive Board; an External Advisory Committee and a Quality & Innovation Division.

After 2013, UNIDCOM was organised in groups (Mapping Design; ID.Co.Lab; Ideas(R)evolution and UX.Project[ON]), but is now divided into clusters, or research bodies, where its members, together with other national/international partners (e.g., companies, non-profit organisations, municipalities, other labs/centres), operate in strategic research areas of interest. The researchers produce projects in the clusters occupying areas in quadrants defined by four development vectors: Design; Technology; Arts; Marketing & Communication.


UNIDCOM 2013-17 at a Glance

total funds
Publications in international peer reviewed journals (52 international)
Publication of books/chapters (70 international)
Conference presentations (213 International, with publication in proceedings with peer review)
Events organized (43 scientific events; 22 workshops; 17 exhibitions)