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UNIDCOM presents the workshop list for the first semester of 2018/19

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"How are technology and sustainability fostering new paradigms for fashion?" - MASTER CLASS BY Sandy Black


8th of January
@IADE´s Campus Santos, Lisbon
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Fashion is very old fashioned” is a statement that is now made regularly by influential people in fashion, such as designer Stella McCartney and trend forecaster Li Edelkoort. Whilst clearly making good journalistic copy, this sentiment also highlights the paradoxical nature of fashion – its ethos is predicated on speed and novelty, yet the industry itself has been slow to change and develop from the practices and schedules established in the mid 20th Century, particularly in relation to both sustainability and digital technologies

Stimulated by the rise of ubiquitous mobile technology, e-commerce in the fashion space, and recent disruptive initiatives such as the ‘See now, buy now’ catwalk trend pioneered by brands Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger, the realization has grown within the industry that the current fashion system - based on bi-annual seasonal designer presentations to wholesale buyers travelling the globe between the established fashion capitals - appears increasingly inappropriate in the 21st Century digital economy. External pressures such as natural resource depletion, escalating consumption and waste, globalized, conglomerate-led markets and financial fluctuations driven by the accelerating pace of fashion cycles, coupled with high profile designer turnover at luxury fashion brands, all strongly evidence that the current fashion system is unsustainable from the perspectives of environment, economy and now its creative leadership.

How are new paradigms being fostered for the fashion industry? The talk discusses these issues and gives some examples of current innovations in the field.

About Sandy Black
Professor Sandy Black has extensive experience in both the fashion industry and academia. As designer and director of the Sandy Black Knitwear label, she sold inventive fashion knitwear to prestigious stores internationally, and developed the successful Sandy Black Original Knitting yarns and pattern kits. Sandy then entered higher education and directed undergraduate and postgraduate fashion and textiles programmes, first at University of Brighton then London College of Fashion, where she developed the innovative multi-disciplinary MA programme in Fashion Studies. She was the programmes first director until 2005, then focused on fashion research, starting the pioneering Interrogating Fashion inter-disciplinary research cluster. Sandy has conducted academic review for many institutions and for public bodies; in 2014 she was an assessment panel member for Art and Design: History, Theory, Practice in the UK Research Excellence Framework.

Sandy publishes widely on fashion, textiles and knitwear design and their intersection with technology and sustainability. Her books include the co-edited volume The Handbook of Fashion Studies (Bloomsbury 2013 h/b, 2017 p/b); the internationally acclaimed The Sustainable Fashion Handbook (Thames and Hudson 2012, London and New York); the comprehensive historical monograph Knitting: Fashion, Industry, Craft (V&A Publishing 2012), based on extensive archival and contemporary research; and one of the pioneer texts on sustainable fashion Eco Chic: the Fashion Paradox (Black Dog Publishing 2008, 2nd ed. 2011 ). Sandy founded and co-edits the academic journal Fashion Practice: Design, Creative Process and the Fashion Industry (Routledge), published since 2009, giving a voice to the practitioner and integrating research, design practice and enterprise in fashion.

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Master Class by Stefano Mangini


17th of December
@IADE´s Campus Santos, Lisbon

About Stefano Mangini
Born in Italy, lived in Italy, USA, India, China, working in fashion, design. After gaining his MBA degree from Bocconi Business School (Milan) he moved to Hong Kong to take a position as an executive for a leading brand of the Louis Vuitton Group before venturing into the creation of his own company working in Retail strategic design, and Branding. After completing the round the world on his motorcycle and volunteered in educating children through photography along the way, he is now professor at Polimoda teaching Branding based on his books BRAND INCEPTION - A users’ guide to Branding, and ADVENTURA INTO CHINA | The unknown aspects of the Chinese market & the upcoming dominance of its local brands. He is currently also University Student at Milano Politecnico Studying Space Habitat Design and Orbital Hotels Design.

World Usability Day - Tesourinhos da Usabilidade


8th of November, 2018

@Auditório Veiga Simão, Lispólis, Lisbon




26 - 27 of October

@Museu do Oriente and ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon




24th of October

Through our human endeavors we push scale: we make things bigger, faster, stronger, tinier, heavier, and more complex. But scale also pushes back. Digital revolutions have turned what was solid into quicksilver while sprawling networks have collapsed vast distances. Our new sensorium is immeasurable and ungraspable, and the phenomena that scalar changes unleash can confuse scientific instruments, unsettle one’s sense of self, and confound our ability to navigate complex issues. This presentation will be an x-ray of our present cultural moment. The first half of the presentation will demonstrate how subtle shifts in scale are deforming both our perception and conception of how things work; the second half outlines design strategies for navigating the complexity that scale changes create.

“Design at the Heart of the Future of Value Creation” - Master Class by Robin Teigland


9th of October

Today digitalization is top of mind for just about anyone from business to academia to the public sector. What many are beginning to realize is that digitalization is much more than technologies such as AI, IoT, 3D printing, blockchain, and smart robots. Indeed there are signs that the basic assumptions around value creation in society are being challenged and transformed as we move into the fourth industrial revolution.  In this talk, I will discuss the drivers of digitalization along with how design and the concept of design thinking are at the heart of this transformation.

About Robin Teigland
Circular Economy project in Portugal Peniche Ocean Watch



28 of September

The European Researchers’ Night is celebrated on the 28th September. UNIDCOM and IADE will mark the occasion with a series of workshops. The program prepared by UNIDCOM/IADE aims to provide a meeting with research and researchers, professors and students, in the areas of Design and Visual Culture.

Design Doctoral Conference