"Not to Scale: Transdisciplinary Design and Complex Systems" - Master Class by Jamer Hunt


24th of October
@IADE´s Campus Santos, Lisbon

Through our human endeavors we push scale: we make things bigger, faster, stronger, tinier, heavier, and more complex. But scale also pushes back. Digital revolutions have turned what was solid into quicksilver while sprawling networks have collapsed vast distances. Our new sensorium is immeasurable and ungraspable, and the phenomena that scalar changes unleash can confuse scientific instruments, unsettle one’s sense of self, and confound our ability to navigate complex issues. This presentation will be an x-ray of our present cultural moment. The first half of the presentation will demonstrate how subtle shifts in scale are deforming both our perception and conception of how things work; the second half outlines design strategies for navigating the complexity that scale changes create.