27 of September

No próximo dia 27 de Setembro celebra-se a Noite Europeia dos Investigadores. Tal como já vem sendo hábito, a UNIDCOM associa-se a este iniciativa e realiza dois workshops:

European Researchers' Night will be celebrated on the 27th of November. As usual, UNIDCOM joins this initiative and offers two workshops:

Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Promoter: Diamantino Abreu e Vasco Milne - IADE - 3D Lab
Duration: 3 hours (19h00-22h00)
Maximum number of participants: 10
Requirements for participation: None

Objectives: Three-dimensional Material Models allow the description and testing of multiple dimensions of the design we design.

The current technology available enables the construction of numerical models, with high levels of similarity to a future reality, and through them, it is possible to test Production Similarity, Assembly and Interaction, determinant tests in the pre-production phase.

In this workshop, based on the different characteristics of the Project phases, we will plan and build the most effective Three-dimensional Material Models for the project development cycle, based on traditional technologies and manualities.


  • Conventional methods, numerical control and virtual models. An eco-sustainable and cost-effective vision;
  • Three-dimensional sketch and design without drawing;
  • General and economic principles of modelling;
  • The modularity of reasoning and production for technological monetization and systems effectiveness.

Studio Photography Workshop

Promoter: Pedro Rodrigues, IADE - Media Lab
Duration: 3 hours (19h00-22h00)
Maximum number of participants: 15
Requirements for participation: Digital camera with manual settings;

Objectives: Learn how to set up a photography studio and studio lighting, how to make better use of photography in a controlled environment.

Registration is required and mandatory [here].