António Carvalho Maneira

Degree: PhD
Scientific Area: Audiovisual and Media Production (AVPM)
Affiliation: UNIDCOM 
Category: Professor
ORCID: 0000-0002-8203-1497 

Languages: English, French, Italian e Spanish
Research Interests:
Communication Design; Education Design; Multimedia Design;Information Design; Digital Storytelling

António Maneira is currently a professor at Universidade Europeia and Universidade Lusíada in Lisbon. He concluded his Ph.D. in 2014 in Digital Media: Audiovisuals and Interactive Media. In the same year, he started teaching Multimedia Design and other design courses at both graduate andpostgraduate levels at Universidade da Beira Interior.  He collaborates in an educational project for mathematics using Khan Academy platform with Educom, Fundação Altice, and Direção-Geral de Educação (DGE). He collaborates in a digitalliteracy project named PICCLE developed by Plano Nacional de Leitura (Reading National Plan) with DGE. He worked on many education and digital media literacy projects in previous years and as an e-learning assistant officer at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL). He has a master's in Communication Sciences at the UNL with a thesis on e-learning design. He started his career as a designer doing illustrations, animations, and educational materials for the web in several projects. He graduated in Communication Design in 2003 from the University of Lisbon. 

Research projects

  • Learning and teaching Mathematics with Khan Academy
    In this project developed since 2019, more than four hundred teachers improved their teaching skillsand learned how to use Khan Academy as a platform for innovative learning methods in theirclasses. In the academic years of 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, the project organized 26 long-durationworkshops of up to 9 months. The project combined the efforts of EDUCOM, Altice Foundation,and Direção-Geral de Educação and is now in the final phase awaiting validation for a refund fromPOCH (Programa Operacional Capital Humano). Khan Academy is a platform that provides accessto thousands of learning videos, multimedia learning objects, and activities within a gamifiedplatform. The project required expertise in digital education design to provide tutoring to theprofessors that engaged in new teaching and learning practices with their students. The project wasdeveloped in Portugal's north and central region, and we estimate a direct impact on more thantwelve thousand students.

  • Plano de Intervenção Cidadãos Competentes em Leitura e Escrita
    PICCLE is a project for developing a dedicated portal to support teachers' activities related to digitalliteracy with their students. It is included in the Plano Nacional de Leitura (National Reading Plan)developed by Direção-Geral de Educação and has financial support from POCH. In 2020, more than400 teachers from 100 Portuguese high schools contributed to the early testing. 2020 was the first oftwo design and production years. It already provides more than 400 resources, with more than halfbeing original multimedia or audiovisual materials.It is now in the last year of production and will be in total production in November 2021.


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Phd in Design – Provisional dissertation title: " A eficácia da comunicação gerada pelos pictogramase sistemas de wayfinding nas grandes superfícies no contexto pandémico provocado pelo Coronavírus de 2019, by Daisi Renata Morgado Pereira de Deus Araújo, expected in June 2023. 


  • Mestrado em Comunicação Audiovisual e Multimédia, UE – Título: “Process of character design for animated films: an analysis of elderly characters”, por Ana Rita da Costa Simões, 2022. 
  • Mestrado em Design de Comunicação (Coorientação), UBI – "Quebra-Alzheimer: um projeto de consciencialização para a doença de Alzheimer", por Ana Luísa Simal Rodrigues Teixeira, 2022. 
  • Mestrado em Design de Comunicação (Coorientação), UBI – “O Design e as Mídias Sociais: Panorama em Instituições de Ensino Superior de Portugal e do Brasil", por Gabriela Santos da Silva Meditsch, 2022.