Eduardo José dos Foros Santos Gonçalves

Degree: Ph.D.
Scientific Area:Design
Affiliation: UNIDCOM 
Category: Professor Auxiliar
ORCID: 0000-0002-8842-6115
Languages: Portuguese, English
Research Interests: Sustainability; Lighting Design; Participate design; Environmental Psychology; Machine learning; Robotics; Statistics; Video Games.

Eduardo José Gonçalves, 1978, is an industrial designer (Instituto de Arte, Design e Empresa, IADE, Lisbon, 2000) and Master in Urban Design (Universitat de Barcelona, UB, 2006, Barcelona). Eduardo started working as a freelancer in graphic and industrial design from 1999 to 2008 and begins teaching ‘Graphic design project’, ‘Technical drawing’ and ‘3D Modelling’ at IADE (since 2003) in the licentiate course and later, ‘Light design’ on the master’s course (2009). An activity that continues to date. Starts to work in lighting design in the studio Light Motif (2001-2003), collaborating in several architectural lighting projects. This path led to meet the lighting designer Rogério Oliveira, with whom he started to work (2003) and later, co-creates the studio Eclipz - lighting design (2008). Since 2003, Eduardo worked on several projects ranging from private housing to city lighting master plans, such as the Castle of Portalegre (2004-2006), the St. Francisco Church in Portalegre (2007-2009), the congress center Ribeiro Telles Plaza in Vila Franca de Xira (2007), the Lighting Master Plan for the Village of Arraiolos (2008-2010 - 1st phase) – which won the Aurolalia 2011 awards for best innovative sustainable urban lighting project -, the commercial complex Sky Gallery, Angola (2012 - in construction) the Dyeji building complex in Luanda, Angola, (2015 - in construction), Aires Mateus & Associados Architects representation installation for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale. His professional activity is one of the driving forces for the academic and research activity, finishing in 2016, his Ph.D. research in Design, at the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, focused on the development of a method to configure and assess adaptive public lighting. A co-design process with the objective of designing more sustainable public lighting solutions, that balance the user well-being, lighting quality and energy consumption. Author of several published scientific papers and participation in national and international conferences, notably the 8th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics - AHFE 2017 in Los Angeles, USA, the 4th Professional Lighting Design Conference 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark and The Tao of Sustainability: an International Conference on Sustainable Design Strategies in the Globalization Context in Beijing, China. He is a member and Executive Director of the UNIDCOM-IADE – Universidade Europeia research unit. His current research interests are sustainable design, co-design and technology. His main research interests are sustainable design; co-design; lighting; technology (in general, and robotics and digital control system, in particular); statistics. General skills are lighting design; teaching; industrial and graphic design; modeling and prototyping; digital modeling and photography.

Main Publications

Milne, V., Ferreira, A. M., & Gonçalves, E. (2017). The Hybrid Analog and Digital Representation as a process of expanding Design reflection Model Construction for Evaluation of the Descriptive Process. In Design Doctoral Conference’17, Proceedings of the DDC 4th Conference. Lisbon, Portugal: IADE - Universidade Europeia, Edições IADE.

Gonçalves, E., Ferreira, A. M., & Christiaans, H. (2017). User-Oriented Method as a Way to Humanise the User-Energy Relationship in Public Lighting. In J. Charytonowicz (Ed.), Advances in Human Factors, Sustainable Urban Planning and Infrastructure. AHFE 2017. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing(pp. 106–118). Springer, Cham.

Gonçalves, E. (2016). Adaptive lighting design as a holistic approach to public lighting. Universidade de Lisboa.

Gonçalves, E., Ferreira, A. M., & Christiaans, H. (2013). Designing a methodology for the use of adaptive lighting in urban spaces. Professional Lighting Design. Verlag Fur Innovationen in Der Architektur, (89), 48–49.

Gonçalves, E., Ferreira, A. M., & Christiaans, H. (2013). Designing a methodology for the use of adaptive lighting in urban spaces. In PLDC 4rd Global Lighting Design Convention, The Dark Art sesson. Copenhaga, Dinamarca. Retrieved from

Gonçalves, E., Ferreira, A. M., & Christiaans, H. (2013). Adaptive lighting as a holistic approach to urban lighting design. In J. Ritter (Ed.), PLDC 4rd Global Lighting Design Convention(pp. 77–78). Copenhagen: VIA-Verlag.


  • Dos Santos, V. M. (2018). Quantificação da criatividade no processo de design inovação e ideação de artefactos através dos processos analógico e digital (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Universidade Europeia - IADE, Lisbon, Portugal.