Gabriel Patrocínio

visiting researcher

Affiliation: IFHT/UERJ, Brazil.


Designer graduated from ESDI/UERJ – school where he was deputy director and director – and PhD in Design Policies from Cranfield University (GB). He is Adjunct Professor at UERJ, collaborator at FGV, and co-supervises doctoral studies at ULisboa and UAM México. He was a member of the Design Advisory Board of the Rio de Janeiro State Development Secretary and the MAM-RJ Design Council, as well as design curator for Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Poland. Author, lecturer and consultant in the areas of Design, Innovation and Intellectual Property. Has received four design awards between 2014 and 2016 for his thesis and the book he organized in 2015.

Start date: 17 March 2018
End date: 6 April 2018

In this short period at IADE, developed teaching and academic extension activities, namely: (1) holding a debate on Design & Gender, with the participation of Professors Ana Margarida Ferreira and Anabela Couto, following the exhibition of a film about the couple Charles and Ray Eames; (2) the workshop “Design Thinking + User Experience: A 3rd Way” (16 class hours) for the students of Professor António Rodrigues in the Master of Design Management course, involving participants from IADE Lisbon, Porto, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba on a platform both presential and online; (3) launch of the e-book “Design & Development: 40 years later” on digital platforms; (4) started the process of translating the same book into English.