Georg Michael Jeremias Dutschke
Degree: Ph.D.
Scientific Area: Management and Marketing
Affiliation: EIA - Ensino, Investigação e Administração, SA
Category: Professor Associado
ORCID: 0000-0002-3352-3938
Languages: Português, English, Spanish
Research Interests:
Felicidade Organizacional; Marketing Social; Brand Sentiment Analysis; Valores Sócio Culturais (Hofstede); City Branding.

Georg Dutschke holds a PhD in Management and Marketing from Sevilha University. He is lecturer at Iade and researcher at Unidcom (Iade/Universidade Europeia), Center for Administration and Public Policy (ISCSP, University of Lisbon  and  Ciencias  del Trabajo (University of Cádiz). He is author of articles published in journals indexed in, among others, Scopus, JCR and Clarivate Analytics, books, book chapters, and has supervised more than 100 master's and doctoral theses in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Italy. He is cofounder of the Happiness Works project (organizational happiness lab. Applied to 300 organizations and more than 36.000 professionals in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Italy) and ASIBEAM (27 universities from 15 countries. Research aims to contribute to poverty reduction in Ibero-America), performs consulting and interim management projects in management, marketing and social responsibility. In the past was manager and director in companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Johnson Wax, Warner Brothers, Sara Lee Processed Meat Europe, Pescanova Portugal Telecom and Angelini. 


Research projects

  • I-THEN – International Technical Higher Education Network. Erasmus+ / KA2 Strategic Partnership project. Institut de Vic (P1 – IVic), Institut Escola del Treball (P2 – IET), EIA – Ensino e Investigacao e Administracao AS (P3 – Atlantica), Univerza na Primorskem - Universita del Litorale (P4 – UP), Lycée Général et Technologique Marcelin Berthelot (P5 – LMB), Muğla Sitki Kocman University (P6 – MSKU), OneOffTech (P7 –    OOT) ,  Associazione  Multiculturale I Due Mondi (P8 – I Due Mondi). Approved with a funding of 375.000€. Project Coordinator for Portugal. 
  • PG-PSA. Online platform, based on the Analytic-as-a-service (AaaS) paradigm, for the generation of models to support the management of occurrences, allowing automated governance of information flows, to ensure greater speed in intervention actions to mitigate the risk of pests and diseases. HPDRones, INOV, Alensado, Horta Pronta.  Financed by Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização. Investment 1.143.004€. Manager. 
  • “Re9Ares” – Oficina para a Inclusão. POISE, approved with a funding of 161.250€. Researcher. 2019/2022. 
  • HiCure Development of Health Informa1cs integrated curricula in Computing and Health-oriented undergraduate degrees. Funding Erasmus +. Birzeit University, Universidade Atlântica, Hebron University, HU Jordan University of Science and Technology, JUST Hashemite University, HU HOCHSCHULE NIEDERRHEIN, HSNR ATILIM UNIVERSITESI FOUNDATION, AUF CUFR Jean-François Champollion-Albi University, Kings College London). Researcher. 2015 / 2019. 
  • Organizational Happiness. Private funding. Happiness Works, Atlântica University, SevillaUniversity, Horton International, Associação Portuguesa de Gestores de Recursos Humanos, Revista Exame. Coordinator. From 2011. 
  • Digital Listening Lab. Private funding. Social Listening and Opinion mining. Cases in Portugal:  Ericeira, Sintra, Telecoms, FMCG. From 2017.
  • Intención emprendedora, valores sociales y culturales de los jóvenes del sur de España y Portugal. Funding Junta Autónoma da Andaluzia. Universidade Atlântica, Universidade Sevilla (Espanha), Universidade do Algarve,  Universidad  Pablo Olavide (Espanha). Researcher. 2015. 



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  • Outstandind career award. Rotary Club. 2021. 
  • Pro bono management consultant (Social Return on Investment) on NGO´s.
  • Innovation awards. Sara Lee Processed Meat Europe, Angelini Europe, EDP Portugal.
  • Reviewer for IGI Golbal, MDPI journals, Athens Journal of Business & Economics, Jornadas Luso Espanholas de Gestão Cientifica, Revista Portuguesa de Marketing, International Marketing Trends Conference, Inderscience.
  • Tutor of more than 100 Ph.D. and Master thesis.