Hande Ayanoglu

Degree: Ph.D.
Scientific Area: Design
Category: Professor Auxiliar
ORCID: 0000-0001-8146-2941
Languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish
Research Interests:
Product Design, Cognitive Ergonomics, User-Centered design, User Experience, Interaction Design, Emotional Design, Human-Robot Interaction

Hande Ayanoğlu has been working as an Assistant Professor at IADE, Universidade Europeia and giving classes in undergraduate (Interaction Design and Ergonomics) and graduate design degree (Master in Interaction Design and Master in Product and Space Design). She is the coordinator of Master in Product and Space Design. Also, she is a researcher in UNIDCOM/IADE Research Unit since 2014.

She did a post-doc in UNIDCOM/IADE about assessing hazard perception from packages’ shape and color. She was a visiting researcher in Ergonomics Laboratory, University of Lisbon to conclude her Ph.D. project from 2011 to 2013. She completed her Ph.D in Design and Innovation at Second University of Naples, Italy (2014), her M.A degree in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Hacettepe University, Turkey (2010) and her B.A degree in Industrial Design at Eskisehir Anadolu University, Turkey (2007).

Her research interests lie in the area of Cognitive Ergonomics in Design, explicitly on Product Design, with a focus on User Centered Design and Virtual Reality. She has been actively collaborating with researchers in several other disciplines, namely computer science, psychology, architecture, ergonomics and design. She’s been a part of research projects concerning Product Design, Emotional Design, Human-Robot Interaction, Interaction Design and Smart Environments. She has book chapters, conference proceedings regarding these areas. Besides, she has been part of organizing and committee scientific of conferences.

Research projects

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Main Publications


Ayanoğlu, H. (2017). Exploring the Application of Hybrid Teaching/Learning Method in Interaction Design Class. In L. G. §Chova, A. L. Martínez, & I. C. Torres (Eds.), Proceedings of INTED 2017: 11th International Technology, Education and Development Conference(pp. 8113–8119). Valencia, Spain: IATED Academy.


Duarte, E., Ayanoğlu, H., Saraiva, M., & Teixeira, L. (2016). Design emocional de robôs sociais: Compreender a interacção humano-robô.

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Ayanoglu, H., Duarte, E., paulo Noriega, Teles, J., & Rebelo, F. (2016). Hazard Perception of 3D Household Packages. In M. Soares & F. Rebelo (Eds.), Ergonomics in Design Methods & techniques(pp. 373–386). Boca Raton: Taylor & francis group.­24

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Ayanoğlu, H., Duarte, E., & Teles, J. (2015). Assessment of hazard perception from packages shapes: a comparison of visualization methods. Ergodesign & HCI, 3(1), 1–9. Retrieved from

Ayanoğlu, H., Boto, R., Teles, J., & Duarte, E. (2015). Effects of Packages’ Color as a Cue for Hazard Related Perceptions: A Study Using Virtual Reality. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science(Vol. 9187, pp. 3–13). Springer International Publishing.

Ambrósio, M. J., Ayanoğlu, H., & Duarte, E. (2015). Perception of Sustainability through Plastic Household Package Materials. In E. Duarte, C. Duarte, & F. C. Rodrigues (Eds.), Proceedings of the 8th International Conference Senses & Sensibility: Design as a Trade(p. 481). Lisbon, Portugal: UNIDCOM/IADE.


Ayanoğlu, H., Duarte, E., Noriega, P., Teles, J., & Rebelo, F. (2014). Examining hazard-related perceptions of virtual household package prototypes. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, AHFE 2014(Vol. 473–481). Kraków, Poland.


Ayanoğlu, H., Duarte, E., Noriega, P., Teixeira, L., & Rebelo, F. (2013). The importance of integrating perceived affordances and hazard perception in package design. In F. Rebelo & M. Soares (Eds.), Advances in Usability Evaluation, Part I(pp. 627–636). Boca Raton, FL, USA: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, Ltd.

Ayanoğlu, H., Rebelo, F., Duarte, E., Noriega, P., & Teixeira, L. (2013). Using Virtual Reality to examine hazard perception in package design. In A. Marcus (Ed.), Design, User Experience, and Usability. User Experience in Novel Technological Environments SE - 4(Vol. 8014, pp. 30–39). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


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  • Beatriz Perreira; A serious game for stress management; July 2018; Design de Interação.
    André Diogo; Human-Robot Interaction: A study of trust in emergency situations; July 2018; Design de Interação. (co-orientador)
  • Adriana Silva; Human-Robot Interaction: Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem for Smart Home Environments; July 2018; Design de Interação. (co-orientador)

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