Joana Simões do Carmo Dias

Degree: Ph.D.
Scientific Area: Marketing
Affiliation: UE-IADE
Category: Auxiliar Professor
ORCID: 0000-0001-5900-2121
CIENCIA ID: 5311-8477-9C03
Web of Science ResearcherID: AAF-3018-2019
Languages: Portuguese, English, Italian
Research Interests: Services Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Service Design, Online user generated content

Joana Carmo Dias has a PhD in Management, with specialization in Marketing, by the Nova School of Business and Economics and a MA in Marketing at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Professor at IADE-UE, currently coordinating the Executive Program in Branding and researcher at UNIDCOM / IADE. She has professional experience in academia as a teacher and as a scientific coordinator of the Degree in Marketing and Advertising, but also in the business world as a marketing manager.

Main Publications

De Regge M., Van Baelen F., Beirão G., Den Ambtman A., De Pourcq K., Dias J.C., and Kandampully J. (2019), “Personal and Interpersonal Drivers that Contribute to the Intention to Use Gerontechnologies”, Gerontology, September. DOI:

Clegg, S., Cunha, M. P., Rego, A. & Dias, J. (2013), “Mundane objects and the banality of evil: sociomateriality of a death camp”, Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol. 22 No. 3, pp. 325-340. DOI:



Master in Design and Advertising.
Dissertation title (provisional): Digital Marketing: Determining factors that lead small businesses in Portugal to adopt social networks as a communication channel.
Student: Sérgio Ribeiro

Master in Design Management
Dissertation title (provisional): How Design Management and Time Management can help balance the Professional and Personal life of women entrepreneurs
Student: Giselle Vargas

Master in Design and Advertising
Dissertation title (provisional): The impact of digital influencers on consumer buying behavior on the make-up sector
Student: Maria Beatriz Rodrigues Vieira

Master in Design and Advertising
Dissertation title (provisional): Development of an innovative business model
Student: Daniela Nogueira Figueiredo

Master in Design and Advertising
Dissertation title (provisional): The brand as a product of its own motivations and convictions
Student: Joana Miguel Martins da Cunha

Master in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia
Dissertation title (provisional): The use of digital influencers as a strategy to strengthen brands, exploring digital strategies
Student: Gabriel Silva Giron Margalho


Master in Design and Advertising
Dissertation title: The importance of emotional design in consumer buying behavior: an empirical study on the impact of packaging design on purchasing decision making
Student: Beatriz Crisóstomo

Master in Design Management
Dissertation title: Serority as a success factor for the journey of female entrepreneurship through design thinking
Student: Camila Lamazales

Master in Design Management
Dissertation title: Digital Marketing: The Contribution of Social Media Marketing to the Cultural and Creative Industry
Student: Stephanie Fabris