João Bernarda

Degree: Doutoramento em Design
Scientific Area:Design
Affiliation:IADE/Universidade Europeia
Category: Professor auxiliar
ORCID: 0000-0002-8316-4689
Languages: Portuguese, English
Research Interests:
Social Design, Multidisciplinary Collaborations

João Bernarda is an invited assistant professor (Ph.D.) at IADE-Universidade Europeia in Lisbon. Researcher at UNIDCOM and ID:Co.Lab - Collaborative Research Lab in Design and Sustainable Innovation and his scientific work is related to collaborative design methodologies in social and health sector, in which he validated Design contribution in the improvement of their services. He has a Ph.D. in Design related to collaborative practices with social services (IADE-EU, 2020), a master’s degree in design (IADE ,2011), and a degree in Industrial Design (IADE, 2005). He lectures Production Design, Creativity and Innovation, 3d Modelling courses. In addition to his academic degrees, he also has professional experience in Industrial and Product Design in advertising and production agencies. Along his career as a designer in the social sector, he had the opportunity to collaborate with associations and organizations in the domain of Memory Loss, Mental Dementia, Mental Retardation, Psychosis, Neurodevelopmental and Brain development disorders. He coordinates a cognitive stimulation project integrated into a collaborative protocol with Associação Alzheimer Portugal and collaborates with the project development department as an invited specialist.



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