Lucy Carlinda da Rocha de Niemeyer

Pos-Doc Researcher

Affiliation: Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, Universidade do estado do Rio de Janeiro, ESDI/UERJ


Technological Innovation in the Design of Products of Popular Consumption: Modes of Living and Meaning

Supervisor: Fernando António de Oliveira Carvalho Rodrigues
Start date: 17 March 2018
End date: 6 April 2018

Based on a theoretical basis on how to construct the meaning of design products and how some characteristics of artifacts are articulated with the interests of their recipients, we aim to validate methodological resources to know and analyze the ways in which the construction of products, in particular those of Portuguese popular consumption, namely in Lisbon. The research aimed to identify procedures for technological innovation in the development of product design with a view to adapting to the dynamics of contemporary urban life at the domestic level, to the expectations of its users and to meeting interests in social strata with limited purchasing power. Finally, we intend to systematize the data and provide the knowledge gained so that the community of designers can promote a creative industry by incorporating attitudinal requirements in the development of home equipment in particular with a focus on the growing elderly population in Portugal in general and, in the case, focusing on Lisbon.

Project methodology, Meaning, Innovation

List of publications that resulted from this study:
NIEMEYER, Lucy, FREIRE, P. Design de Produtos e Fluxos de Atividades Domésticas Contemporâneas (2016), Anais do 4º Congresso Internacional de Pesquisa em Design. Rio de Janeiro: ANPED, 2016. v.1. p.1 - 6