Rui Miguel Beja Sardo de Sousa Patrício

Degree: Ph.D.
Scientific Area: Marketing
Category: Professor auxiliar
ORCID: 0000-0001-5428-1803
Awards: - ICIEMC 2020 – Best Thesis PhD award, International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, 2020
- Santander Universities COVID19 for the project “Support local businesses through design”, Santander Universities, 2020
- FCT award by Born from Knowledge/FCT-Portuguese government for an innovative idea of a mobile ideation game, 2016
- Nomination for Best Paper Award, Creativity and Innovation Management Journal, 2018

Rui Patrício is the Coordinator of the Strategic Design and Innovation Lab (SDI.Lab) and Coordinator of the MSc in Marketing and Innovation at IADE - Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication - Universidade Europeia, Lisbon. His research interests lie at the intersection between innovation management, gamification, and design thinking. He carried out applied research on strategic design approaches to innovation in global firms, which has resulted in publications in journals like Creativity and Innovation Management and the European Journal of Innovation Management. 

He holds a PhD degree - European Doctorate - in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Aveiro with research mobility at the Design School of the Politecnico di Milano, a MSc in Management and an MBA from the University of Porto Business School with an Exchange Program with the University of California, Los Angeles, a Logistics Management Program from Cranfield University (UK), a R&D + Innovation comprehensive Training Program (COTEC, Portugal) and a Strategy Kaplan - Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified Graduate (Boston, USA). 

Rui Patrício is also a creator of gamification tools like ideaGardener and ideaChef®, which many firms and universities have applied in consulting and training projects. He received awards from the FCT-Portuguese government/Born from Knowledge for an ideation game idea, Santander Universities COVID19 for the project “Support local businesses through design” and ICIEMC 2020 best Ph.D. thesis. Before moving to the academic community, he held management roles in marketing/innovation at startups and leading companies (e.g., Air Liquide and Sonae) and completed many consulting and training international projects (e.g., in Brazil, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Italy).



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